Two teenage girls are sitting on a park bench staring at their smartphones. A small dog sits in front of them and wiggles his tail wildly. He desperately tries to draw the kids’ attention to himself. Then one of the girls holds the phone in front of the other’s face and says: “Look at the super cute dog! Isn’t he cute?” At the same time the little curly toy gets tired on the floor and starts to dozing…

The real world has a hard time in our digital age. evoq labs knows both worlds and connects them in an ideal way. It has become essential for brands to be equally present and perceived in all media and on all channels and platforms. The left-right principle of online and offline has long since become obsolete and is no longer relevant for brand development and communication.

People today operate in real time and often simultaneously with different media. Online marketing is based on dialogue between customers, staff and even uninvolved parties. Companies are no longer just sending out marketing  messages, they are communicating on eye level.

evoq labs focuses on people and goals in its projects. This is reflected in the concepts. Our considerations go beyond user navigation, design and content; the right technologies and platforms are also of key significance. Together we develop content strategies and implement these in the form of websites, blogs, apps, newsletters and even social media activities. And we connect everything ideally with the real world of a brand.

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