Tactography™ TOUCH AND SEE! Tactography™: New art experience for the blind and visually impaired Thanks to Tactography™, an up-and-coming, cutting edge art form, blind people can experience photographs through touch and ”see” them in their inner eye. From a distance, the 3D images are perceptible to the visually impaired as “white art” We at the [...]

BHI Private Banking

BHI Private Banking MAKING DREAMS A REALITY                                         The annual report as a form of image communication The finance sector is in a state of flux. As well as change in generation in its long-standing customer [...]


Purlaub PURLAUB: CLEVER TRAVEL.                                         Purlaub: Clever travel. A new brand has entered the world of tourism. Group trips for individualists – that is Purlaub’s calling card. Small groups, traditional hotels, expert tour guides. In a [...]

Tagblatt Zurich

Tagblatt Zurich THE LATEST FROM THE CITY ON THE LIMMAT Andy Fischer, Executive Director and Editor in Chief «evoq labs has succeeded in implementing our weekly newspaper in an exciting online format. We managed to double our readership figures in just a few moths and this positive trend shows no signs of slowing down.»   [...]