Shoppi Tivoli

Shoppi Tivoli MY WORLD THE WAY I LIKE IT New communications concept for the largest shopping centre in Switzerland I need new trousers. And I need the shirt to go with it and the right shoes. I’ve been on the look out for a new camera for a while too. Or maybe a flat screen [...]


profawo COMING OF AGE profawo – the new childcare service brand The services once conceived of as being solely for childcare have now been extended to all aspects of compatibility of family and work. The former childcare service is now a comprehensive partner for all sorts of care situations. A development that was to be [...]

Coiffure Varibelle

Coiffeure Varibelle A CUT ABOVE           Marcel Meister, Varibelle «Coiffure Varibelle has attracted a lot of attention with its new, modern look.»                     New image for Coiffure Varibelle With 18 branches throughout the German-speaking region of Switzerland, Coiffure Varibelle is one of [...]