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Europe’s number 1 director travel provider relaunches with a new brand identity

In the past the focus of communications at Berge & Meer has been excellent value for money. Now the brand has become considerably more emotive, appealing and assertive. A key tool in this is the brand cloud which uses words that conjure up images in the mind and trigger wanderlust to describe what the customer can expect. At its centre is the «&» from the logo, which will also be used as a standalone icon in future. The symbolism behind it? At Berge & Meer customers can expect that & more. Not “just” reasonable prices, but impressive quality too. The new slogan «Travel. For Discoverers.» adds to this statement. This ties in optimally with the travel deals on offer at Berge & Meer, a considerable proportion of which include exclusive round trips and cruises.

The logo, “freed” from its box, in a warm, dark blue, illustrates brand’s aspiration to clarity and scale. The colour scheme was completely overhauled too: The five brand colours are inspired by the colours of destinations, without resorting to any industry-typical colours like sunny yellow and sea blue. When selecting the new corporate typeface, as well as the look and feel, consideration was also given to requirements, text passages in catalogues and use on different platforms (desktop, web, app).

To reflect the high proportion of direct sales (80%) and the shifting of the focus of the offers towards round trips and cruises in the brand identity.

Moving the focus towards travellers and their emotional needs, and reflecting this in all design elements as well as in the slogan and brand cloud.

Logo design
Corporate design development
Sales promotion

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