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Communicating strengths and benefits with a uniform brand identity and new visuals

Newspaper printers are coming under more and more pressure. Thus, preparing for the future is all the more important. Following the merger of Tamedia and the Espace Media Group, the three sites Zürich, Bern and Lausanne were to be amalgamated under one new shared brand. The challenge here was to merge the thus far independent printing centres into one strong collective.

The development of a uniform brand positioning laid the foundations for a shared self-image, upon which the new image could be built. The new logo is strongly orientated to the parent company Tamedia while at the same expresses national stature as well as the regional anchoring of locations. Thanks to the clearly defined brand structure, the three locations can communicate independently.

New independent visuals stage the core skills of the three print centres in Bern, Lausanne and Zürich and loudly communicate the advantages and strengths of print media. This was coupled with the visualisation of attention to detail, something which is a huge priority even for large corporations. A striking implementation with much potential for new content and subject areas.

The diversity of the concept idea comes into effect in both online and offline applications: on the new website, the product information sheets, market documents and on other forms of media.

Development of a new, common brand based on Tamedia and taking into account the local offices. In line with this, independent communication that highlights the strengths of Tamedia print centres.

Adjustment of brand structure and development of an independent brand identity that expresses both a shared identity and regional anchoring. In addition to this, distinctive, flexible visuals as well as updates to the most important information and sales channels.

Brand structure
Brand positioning
Logo design
Corporate design development
CD manual
Communications concept
Sales promotion

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