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CI management for DER Touristik

As the brand agency for the DER Touristik group we are responsible for the development of all its travel brands and stringent brand management. This is a demanding task, because over 10,000 employees, agencies, travel agents and service providers in 14 countries work with DER Touristik’s corporate identity (CI). As well as the group brand, which DER Touristik uses for corporate communication, there are three sales brands. Although these are based on the umbrella brand, they each offer an individual interpretation of this brand. There are also tour operator brands, which have varying levels of connection to the umbrella brand and each have their own corporate identity.

The first step was to restructure the increased number of corporate identity guidelines and summarise them in one document for sales communication and another document for corporate communication. In so doing, we reduced 15 documents to two. This made everything far more manageable and minimised the risk of out-of-date versions being circulated.

The CI Net, a web-based portal, provides up-to-date access to all brand information. It contains up-to-date versions of guidelines, all relevant downloads and all other corporate identity information.

Users can check the CI-conformity of projects that have been created based on the CI guidelines using the approval tool via CI Support from evoq. The approval tool is a web-based process-management application. In accordance with our service agreement, we guarantee an answer within 24 hours.

With the CI Hotline we guarantee instant, direct access to our CI Support team during the client’s regular business hours. With the up-to-date, constantly available files on the CI Net and advice on implementation, we can guarantee stringent brand management even in the case of decentralised use.

Brand work for specific events is supplemented by internal communication measures including the CI Newsletter, which is sent to all DER employees, and brand repositioning. Examples of brand repositioning include a brand book for DERTour, which explains the brand to users, emotionally charges them and turns them into “Team Rot” (Team Red), because brands live through people.

Stringent implementation of the corporate identity of a complex brand structure that is used by both internal and external users.

Comprehensive brand management for a CI Hotline, a CI Net and an approval tool supported by internal communication measures and user-friendly guidelines.

Restructuring and continuous updating of the CI guidelines and the CI Net
Support for brand users
Internal brand communication

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