Dominik Benz

Traditional craftsmanship

Dominik Benz, Winegrower
«With our new labels, evoq has expressed exactly what is most important to us: wines that unite the characteristics of the region, the soil in which the vines grow and the philosophy of the winegrowers.»


























Spirited packaging for the young winemaker

In the French Departement of Ariège, Dominik Benz produces some very special wine varieties on his 6.5 hectares of vineyard: bio-certified, 100% hand-picked and pressed in his own factory with great care and expertise and using traditional methods. After all, as the native Swiss’ credo goes: “pleasure in the glass comes only from a considerate approach to nature and careful vinification in the cellar’.

It follows that this dedication to the traditional craft and connection to nature and the soil are at the centre of the new packaging. The diverse flavours of the wines are visualised using classic wood engravings of animals from the region and bold colours as a modern contrast. A modern image that catches attention, and not just on the shelf.

Matching wine boxes, custom factsheets, an image brochure as well as postcards bring these wines to life in their entirety.

Design of labels, wine box as well as marketing and sales documents.

Focus on the love of the craftsmanship, the traditional production method and attachment to the region.

Sales promotion
Marketing documents

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