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Focus on projects

The portfolio of m3 Architects is very broad. The 7-member company manages projects for private individuals, companies and the public sector. As the company states, «m3» stands for «cubic meter» and this flows directly into their work. The division, design and organization of space is part of architecture and their daily work.

The website’s screen design was created by Pikka. The projects are clearly in focus. The vast amount of projects is impressively shown with large images and a clearly arranged image stream. It must be emphasized that both the images and the list at the bottom of the image stream, link to the projects. This ensures that even projects with illustrated with less images can be found.

From a technical point of view, the website is a mixture of a one page site and classic navigation. The CMS TYPO3 is designed in such a way that the references can be managed centrally from one place. This makes content maintenance easier and more manageable for the editors.

Programming the website with a simple as possible backend for the editors

Implementation of the website in TYPO3 with simple editor for references

Technical consultancy
Programming in TYPO3

Similar projects

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