Lars Bolle, Vice President Group Brand Management & Strategic Marketing, DER Touristik GmbH
«The new presence clearly stands out from the competition, and has inspired us with its emotional appeal – it makes you want to explore faraway countries.»


























New look for the long-distance travel specialists

MEIERS WELTREISEN is the «Specialist for all things faraway».
Customers greatly appreciate the competence, experience and personal touch of the tour operator and its offers, and refer to a “Meier feeling”. While its brand is well-known and popular, its image has increasingly been considered “old-fashioned”. Thus, evoq’s task was to modernise and emotionalise the successful brand.

The logo received a discreet facelift, giving it a significantly fresher appearance without losing its recognition value. A large “M” was placed next to the logo, as a monogram and secondary design element. It ensures quick brand recognition on all advertising mediums, and makes the appearance unmistakably distinctive.

The traditional Meier’s blue is staying, supplemented by six modern secondary colours. The visual imagery was completely redesigned. Detailed motives are used on catalogue covers and advert images which can only be experienced in this form on location. The observer sees the world from the perspective of an attentive traveller. The imagery is supplemented with unusual motives from the surroundings, a far cry from postcard paradise. Yet, when it comes to the specific sales offer, the imagery also becomes specific.

Modernising and emotionalising a successful brand

A highly emotional appearance with strong imagery that makes people want to travel.

Development of brand positioning
Logo redesign
Development of secondary design element
Corporate design
Image concept
Colour concept
Catalogue concept

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