Pfarrer Sieber Social Welfare Institution Winter Campaign 2017


Hansueli Gujer, Fundraising Officer
«evoq understands our values, and consistently incorporates then in the development and execution of the donation campaigns. The latest idea to generate attention with chalk and cartons proves that beyond doubt. This is a key reason why we enjoy working with evoq again and again.»
















Giving the homeless a voice

Following the successful winter campaigns of 2015 and 2016, evoq’s idea for the 2017 campaign was equally convincing.

The initiative kicked off with a large-scale guerrilla campaign in Zürich. Chalk messages and carton images were set up in high-profile locations over the course of a week. Messages, such as “Please leave your box here – I’d like to sleep on it tonight. Erich, homeless” encouraged people to stop and read. The campaign also soon picked up by the media. But it would be a while before people found out who was behind it.

The answer followed two weeks later, together with specific calls to action, such as: “Help homeless people to get back onto their feet. Donate to #schaffesdihei now.” Incorporating the hashtag #schaffesdihei that had been established in previous years proved successful: The newly created social wall on filled up quickly.

The donation website was optimised for a range of uses and payment options. Moreover, numerous voices of individuals who used to be affected reported how they had escaped homelessness thanks to the work of the social welfare institution. Interested users are asked to donate directly. The underlying concept was equally supplied by evoq.

A personally addressed mailing was sent out to potential donors to launch the cross-media campaign. Handwritten notes on the envelopes or crunched-up envelopes that have obviously been through a lot gave it a personal touch and ensured the desired attention in the daily flood of advertising letters. This was supplemented with adverts, newspaper and magazine supplements and radio spots. Werni, a former homeless person, reported on his years on the street and what he experienced there every day for one week on Radio 1.

Designing and implementing a winter campaign on homelessness that moves people to donate.

Development of a cross-media campaign that makes homelessness in Switzerland visible and audible.

Campaign concept with guerrilla campaign
Radio spots
Landing page design
Banner adverts
Social wall concept
Concept for website optimisation for various uses and payment options

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