The shop concept with a living room feel

Homely atmosphere in Primacom shops: Inviting design, open architecture without “counters” and modern technology are the hallmarks of the new store concept.

The products are displayed in a shelf system, reminiscent of a home living room. Accessories are more than just eye-catchers, they tell subtle and authentic stories about the product. The wonderful film «The Usual Suspects» served as inspiration. Glass vases are filled to differing degrees with red pebbles to demonstrate Primacom’s speed in comparison to the competition. Price tags on the vases demonstrate the extent of highspeed Primacom can offer compared directly with competitors. Noodles of varying thickness illustrate the advantages of cable compared to DSL. For each section and thus each product feature there are informative stories which can also be used in sales pitches.

«Renovating» the store for new promotions or production launches is as easy as redecorating your living room at home: new decorative pieces tell new stories. And so the shop becomes a stage on which any «piece» can be performed with the right props.

The shop concept can be easily adapted to various store sizes thanks to the modular design.

If, for any reason, the customer should have to wait to be seen, they can do so in the cosy surrounds of the newly designed waiting areas. Sales counters have been swapped for consultation points in the centre of the room. The creates a sense of proximity and generates a pleasant and open atmosphere for discussion, while at the same time facilitating product demonstrations with the utmost practicality.

Up to six dynamic play monitors enable the transmission of sales and brand messages. This system has a modular design too – for small shops there are different variants with three monitors or just one.

The «Local Hero» wall offers space for photos of the shop’s home town. Another means of ensuring customers feel at home in the store environment. Photo competitions offer them the opportunity to play an active part in the design of «their» shop.

Starting point
Development of a store concept for Primacom, realisation together with team tables. The aim was for the shops to draw in more customers and develop a feel-good atmosphere.

Transformation of the store into a living room. On the ‘wall that can’, pictures and furnishings tell stories about the products. These change depending on the running promotion or the current sales focus. Primacom’s quality standards are reflected in its technological facilities.

Shop concept

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