Purlaub: Clever travel.

A new brand has entered the world of tourism.

Group trips for individualists – that is Purlaub’s calling card. Small groups, traditional hotels, expert tour guides.

In a nutshell: Clever travel. For authentic experiences of places and people. Purlaub.

The icon anchors the brand in the travel experience and, in doing so, underscores the claim of the brand.

Bold images in the catalogue make you want to travel and all the relevant travel information is clearly set out on one page or double page  – from the route of travel and the hotels right through to the daily travel plan. Short and to-the-point.

Those who want to know more go online. Each trip is described in detail again on the Purlaub page. As well as choosing by continent category ( featured in the catalogue too), prospective customers can also search by travel category.

The Purlaub campaign kicked off with a mailing. The self-mailer used a prize draw to encourage users to request travel information in the form of a catalogue or an e-mail. Selected trips were highlighted, showing what Purlaub is and what it has to offer.


Positioning and advertising for a new travel brand

Brand name: Purlaub. Authentic travel experiences – pure and unadulterated.
Slogan: Better travel. Nothing more and nothing less.
The icon adds to the logo and underscores the brand’s claim, establishing Purlaub as an essential part of the travel experience.

Design and creation of website

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