Location maps for Swiss train stations

evoq developed a new generation of train station lBahnhof location maps with SBB in 2006. Thanks to comprehensive information, the new maps now form a nationwide graphic information system available at more than 70 SBB and BLS train stations. Trafimage maps play a key role in public transport and contribute significantly to shaping the image of the largest travel operator in Switzerland.

In Trafimage maps the wide range of public and combined mobility options as well as commercial services are communicated in clear 3D depictions. The maps available in poster form at train stations or they can be accessed in PDF form online.

evoq developed the station maps in close collaboration with SBB Infrastructure’s specialist GIS unit, implementing them nationwide. Since 2009 the focus of the project has been on maintenance since the range of services in stations is constantly changing. All maps are checked at set intervals to ensure they are up-to-date and adapted and regenerated where necessary. A number of parties are involved in these processes. In addition to SBB, other map stakeholders include local transport providers or mobility.

The next generation: the interactive station map
SBB is ushering in a new phase for Trafimage: evoq and our IT partner geOps have developed the first interactive station map for Trafimage, available under All services on offer at Bern station are available in an attractive web application which enables user to perform custom searches for services either on a PC or mobile devices. All this in the tried and tested 3D graphics of Trafimage.

The interactive station map is based on the technology of the GeoCMS Cartaro. Cartaro enables the georeferenced registration and management of information on maps or other graphic bases. On the interactive map, all Bern station services are stored georeferenced in the system and made available for map layouts in the right spatial angulation. The station’s CAD data is used as a basis for this.

The new platform marks a significant enhancement to the management of station maps. After all, Cartaro provides interfaces for graphics software too. This enables the cross-media maintenance of all content on one browser-based platform.

The interactive map can be integrated in any website via API interfaces. Thanks to its responsive design it can also be used on mobile devices without the need to use an app.

A handle on maintenance processes: the Trafimage workspace
evoq has developed Trafimage Workspace in order to facilitate efficient maintenance processes. On this platform all involved parties can provide their input, participate in consultations and download current files. The inputs to each map are assessed by editors (from evoq and the client) who provide commentary too. This means regional and local idiosyncrasies are recorded on the basis of a binding and uniform system that not only enhances customer orientation, but has contributed significantly to the acceptance of the system among those involved.

Development, production and ongoing maintenance of SBB-Trafimage station maps

Set-up and development of the system, definition of uniform nationwide content and graphic-related standards, optimisation of update processes with the Trafimage Workspace 2.0 editing tool

Creation of more than 70 station maps
Creation of more than 200 rail replacement plans
Various special formats and editions
Interactive station maps
Ongoing maintenance of all products
Process management
Support of editing system with ticketing

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