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The comprehensive map collection for public transport in Switzerland

With SBB Trafimage, SBB and evoq are offering the most comprehensive map collection with a focus on public transport in Switzerland. evoq is responsible for map design and production, improving the usability of online maps, and developing and marketing the full system. Our partner geOps AG is responsible for the system’s sophisticated IT environment.

Online and print maps

SBB publishes more than 300 maps annually in the Trafimage system – from large-scale overview maps for travellers through to internal construction site maps. evoq realises the Trafimage CD in accordance with the guidelines. It thereby presents the public transport issues in a uniform design language across Switzerland. The range includes interactive maps available on and a variety of print products for public or internal use. Extending the scale to 1:5000 on the basis of Open Street Map allows virtually all map requirements to be covered. The Trafimage system is available to everyone, and enjoys particular active usage by other public transport companies: e.g. Lake Zürich Navigation (ZSG), BLS, Swiss Travel System (marketing company).

Map design with added value

The Trafimage maps are complex graphic products which incorporate geodata and timetable information. They are not traditional graphics files, but geo-coordinates that depict map data in their precise location. Timetable information can be accessed through mapped stops and stations on the online maps. This allows travellers to view the next departure times for each station directly on the map. The interactive maps can be integrated into any website via API interfaces (e.g. SBB station shopping maps). They are also optimised for mobile devices.

Central database with the latest information

FANAS is a database for public transport information we developed with our IT partner specifically for the creation of printed and online maps. The system’s user interface facilitates direct processing of the stored data, as well as its export for further processing in a graphics programme. We thereby ensure that the data is stored centrally and always up-to-date.

We create and manage digital maps with the Cartaro geo-content management system. Cartaro uses opensource components as a basis, and enables the recording, editing and issue of geographically referenced map content. The customer can therefore instantly edit and publish their own maps themselves.

Creation and maintenance of all online and print SBB maps, advancement of the entire Trafimage map system

Optimisation of production workflows in map production, further development of databases, launch of the Cartaro Geo CMS for the management of digital maps

Development of GIS database (IT partner geOps)
GIS database management
System development
Graphic map design in line with requirements (small and large scale
Graphic map design
Print map production
Network diagram production
Web map production

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