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The most comprehensive overview of Swiss brands

The idea of an eye-catching overview of the Swiss brand landscape was home-grown and developed together with htp St.Gallen. All relevant brands of Swiss origin are situated and organised into a fictitious landscape. This generates an overview, with amusing/interesting facts here and there. In the brand cemetery you can see brands that have disappeared recently, food shopping in the feeding bowl and banks in the coal mine. The brands in the Loch Nestlé category need no explanation. As well as a complete overview, it also features additional information such as current owners and their nationality as well as year of establishment.

The brand landscape is available in poster format. The print version is supplemented by the online- platform, which features ongoing reporting on the latest Swiss brand developments. The brand dictionary lists detailed information on brand stories, advertising and contact information. The platform has now become one of the largest reference works in the Swiss brand sector and is growing daily.

No commercial objectives were pursued with the brand posters and inclusion in the brand poster is free. The project is funded exclusively by sponsors and the initiators. The poster can be ordered in size 70 x 100 cm via the website for CHF 49.

Creation of a reference works of relevant Swiss brands.

An overview poster with supplementary online reference works.

Website concept
Screen design

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