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The book of the Collections Centre in Affoltern am Albis

Culture needs space to develop. Since this is in short supply in the Swiss National Museum in Zurich, the government decided to combine the collections scattered throughout the city in one portfolio. And, as if that wasn’t enough: In the former military location a site was found that offered sufficient space for labs, workshops and curators’ studios. In many respects this was a trailblazing moment for the approach to existing building structures and the reinterpretation of these – true to the motto ‘from national defence to the preservation of cultural identity’.

The transformation from armoury to collections centre is documented in a 50-page book. Punchy, large-scale images bring the unique architecture to the foreground and contrast this with the cultural-historical purpose of the centre. A document of Swiss cultural history in all four national languages.

Textual and visual development of a book publication on the reopening of the Affoltern collections centre as part of the Swiss national museum.

The architecture of the building itself as an exhibition piece, illuminated both contextually and visually by different perspectives.

Content and editorial concept
Design and image concept
Editorial design
Book layout

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