Tactography™: New art experience for the blind and visually impaired

Thanks to Tactography™, an up-and-coming, cutting edge art form, blind people can experience photographs through touch and ”see” them in their inner eye. From a distance, the 3D images are perceptible to the visually impaired as “white art” We at the evoq Team developed the art form Tactography™ together with the Gabriel Bonfim Collection – in collaboration with the digital workshop. Tactography™ was developed by evoq as a new brand with logo / trademarked term:



Tactography™ images are sprayed in white and therefore bear a certain likeness to the famous “white paintings” of the American pop-art artist Robert Rauschenberg. Thanks to the relief-like depiction and special white colouration, the photographs can be perceived from a distance as art by the visually impaired. In diffuse light it is hard to tell whether it is a picture with painted shadows or a 3D relief:

bocelli3d_sw_frontal_bearbeitet_webThe famous Museu da Imagem e do Som in São Paulo, an institute of the Culture Office of the Government of the State of São Paulo, showed this extraordinary exhibition in the first half of October 2016 as a launch event. It enables both the blind and visually impaired to experience art together. The exhibition, co-organised by evoq, shows two series each with 12 three-dimensional white Tactography™ images by the São Paulo native art photographer Gabriel Bonfim. Thanks to evoq, the exhibition room was equipped with special floor guides and Braille descriptions.

The exhibition included a 12-piece Tactography™ series dedicated to the world-famous blind Tenor Andrea Bocelli that came into being during a concert in Istanbul in 2014. Also in the exhibition: a 12-piece Tactography™ series on the young Brazilian ballet soloist Denis Vieira. The pictures were taken in Zurich early in the summer of 2016, where Vieira danced the role of Romeo in ‘Romeo and Juliet’ in the ballet at the Zurich Opera House.

Evoq even created the invitations to this free exhibition in normal and Braille writing:


In future, Tactography™ pictures will also be offered as thin, mailable cards. Thesse will also be based on the photographs. A short image description will be printed on the reverse side, as well as a greeting in Braille.


Making photo art “visible” to the blind, logo and brand development, creating a visually-impaired-friendly exhibition design.

Development of 3D art based on photos in collaboration with a 3D printing works. Image descriptions on posters in Braille.

Brand development
Marketing documents etc. in Braille
Image posters in Braille

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