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Andy Fischer, Executive Director and Editor in Chief
«evoq labs has succeeded in implementing our weekly newspaper in an exciting online format. We managed to double our readership figures in just a few moths and this positive trend shows no signs of slowing down.»
















The Zurich weekly newspaper in new online format

As the official journal of the City of Zurich, the Tagblatt reports on matters of importance and legal affairs in the city area. The key focus however is on the people of Zurich. For instance, features include portraits of interesting characters, commentary on current affairs or tips and news.

Thus, the new web presence centres on the readers, offering them a platform for their own personal interests. Whether this be on the interactive reader’s letter channel, as a video journalist on Tagblatt-TV or with the self-managed event calender.

The result is a merging of the new and traditional features of print and online. Classic elements of newspaper printing, such as serif fonts and column-dividing lines and highly visual news character are supplemented with user-generated content. Links to social media as well as comment, like and share functions round out the news platform.

In order to relieve the editorial team’s burden in terms of website management, the approval mechanism for user-generated content is kept as simple as possible. Comments can be approved or delete via direct link.

A concept with potential. User numbers have tripled since its launch in 2013.


Boosting of online presence and relevant alternatives to the print edition

Link up of the strengths of print and online to form a reader-centred, interactive news platform.

Website concept
Screen design
Programming (TYPO3)

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