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Location maps for Zurich City transport services

Nothing is more irritating that missing your connection. Uncomplicated transitions between lines, means of transport and stops are extremely important to public transport users. This is especially true where tram and bus stops are far away from one another. Take the Bellevue in Zurich for example, where changing can be a real challenge. Unfortunately, the smartphone is of little use here either.

So, detailed location maps dotted throughout the entire city network were created for more than 30 stops. These show the customer the changeovers as well as the way to the next connection. The maps were generated and georeferenced on the basis of official City of Zurich GIS data. This enabled rule-based map generation and simple updating.

The location maps are visually oriented towards the design of SBB Trafimage. A plan and map system that systematically depicts
public transport services.


Visualisation of approx. 30 complex stop situations on the VBZ Züri line network.

Georeferenced plan generation based on SBB Trafimage, incorporating the own design elements of the Zurich Transport Corporation (VBZ)

Location maps
Georeferenced plan generation

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