Wacom’s exhibition stand at the CES

CES in Las Vegas is the world’s biggest trade fair for entertainment electronics. Here Wacom wants to present more than “just” products – the exhibition appearance must also benefit the brand.

evoq developed an exhibition stand in which one brand element, the colourful ellipses, became the prevailing style element – and exhibition furniture: Standing ellipses offered ample space for product and brand messages, while horizontal slide-in ellipses  provided storage space for the products. These came together to form a real visual attraction: The largest upright ellipses measured a whopping 1.70 m x 3.10 m.

A glimpse into the future for business partners in attendance in the corporate area: Here Wacom showed how “analogue” work with a pen and paper will soon merge with the digital world. Since this development affects not just the business sector, but will soon emerge in the private and education sectors, the corporate area consisted of an office, a living room and a playroom.

Evoq’s implementation partner was Freeman, the largest trade fair constructor in the USA. Barely two months passed between the first briefing to the opening of the doors at CES –and that included the Christmas period.


Exhibition stand for CES, presenting technologies of the future in an exciting and attention-grabbing manner, while in keeping with the brand too.

The ellipses from the Wacom logo were pushed into one another to form presentation tables. The corporate area was divided up into different living environments. These were to symbolise the sectors that are being changed by future technologies.

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