Wines with a special charm

The description of the content of their glass by wine lovers is almost poetic. evoq puts this expressive language at the center of the design for the wines of the Wein-Lese edition.

It explains in detail what the guest can expect – and if you are not too familiar with wines, you can use it as a “cheat sheet” and join the conversation at your table.

For the restaurateur these wines have a special appeal: They are always available. If the vintage has been “finished” at one winemaker, another wine from the same vine and quality can be bottled. The appeal for the dealer:  The range can be expanded as needed without new investments into the brand, the brand value remains with the dealer and there is less dependency on the winemaker.

Development and design of an umbrella brand for the wines of a specialist retailer. Under the “Wein-Lese” umbrella brand, single, mostly varietal wines are marketed.

The character of the wine determines the design. Wein-Lese places the wine in the foreground and introduces it with all its facets. Not the winemaker or the terroir is the focus, but the varietal wine.

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