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Up-to-date web presence for the Zeller Group

The products of the leading Swiss phytopharmaceutical company Max Zeller Söhne AG are known and loved within the company’s borders and beyond. As a result of this, its website as well as those of its business units Zeller Vitaplant, Zeller Medical and Zeller International receive a high and regular volume of visitor traffic.

Reason enough to update the technology and visuals on all its platforms. evoq labs used workshops to work out strategy and concept with the client. Here, one thing became clear: the future will see products appealing and detailed format – taking into account the advertising conditions of the Law on Therapeutic Products.

evoq labs developed all Zeller websites using WordPress Multisite, enabling the client to access and edit all platforms with just one log-in. Even dedicated websites for doctors can be managed via the CMS using a Swiss RX log-in. The same applies to password-protected sites.

Redesign of the existing websites to achieve a simple, modern presence.

Multi-domain solution with one log-in for all sites.

Screen design
concept Website
realisation with WordPress
Online social media campaign
Development of campaign landing pages incl. SEA

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