A brand is more than just a logo or a slogan. A brand is an experience and a pledge that creates trust. Brands are an affair of the heart, not just the head.

evoq Brand Audit

Brands are money: Roughly 75% of purchase decisions are based on brand loyalty. Is your brand still up to the challenges of today? Are you achieving your objectives with your communications strategy? Does your brand portfolio still meet the requirements of your customers?

The evoq Brand Audit creates clarity. Using in-depth analysis, we determine effective and relevant measures for you. We create a brand roadmap for you and use this to initiate effective maintenance for your brand. We are the brand professionals.

Status and analysis

We analyse your brand and determine its decision points – from printed media and building signage right through to websites and advertising. In this we concentrate on all the relevant contact points between the brand and customer.

Scorecards and benchmarks

We subject all the brand’s contact points to a critical review and compare the current status with the target status with regard to objectives, implementation and impact. We determine where there is a need for action and formulate potential measures.

Assesment and evaluation

We appraise the forthcoming measures in terms of their complexity, impact and the outlay/cost involved. This is a key step in prioritising measures on the basis of their relevance and, thus, enabling the sustainable and effective planning of measures.


The relevant measures are positioned chronologically on a roadmap. Quick wins are just as visible in this as the long-term steps that guarantee sustained successful brand management.