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DERTOUR makes holidays

One brand for everything, one brand for everyone

New international flagship brand for one of the world's largest travel conglomerates.

Building trust in an uncertain world, providing orientation in a sea of information, ensuring recognisability across a multitude of media and channels and selling real dreams in an increasingly digital world - the demands on tourism brands are immense.

DERTOUR: The new main brand of DER Touristik


One brand for everyone, one brand for everything

In an uncertain and complex world, trust and quick recognition are more important than ever. Customers seek a strong and readily available partner for their travel experience, whether in the digital or physical realm.

To better meet these demands, the world's second-largest travel conglomerate is relying on the brand that most clearly represents its origins: DERTOUR. It is developed as the primary brand and replaces local consumer brands and private labels of DER Touristik. This way, the DER brand family is much more perceptible as a unified entity than before, not only for customers but also for employees and business partners. The travel experience with companies within the DER travel family will become a comprehensive customer experience – both digitally and at every moment of the travel journey.

Digital and even more emotional

The revised brand has become fluid and responsive and at the same time even more emotional. Flexible elements are grouped around the binding brand core in the DER brand wheel. Instead of rigid guidelines, the CI only provides guidelines for use and thus ensures self-similarity with a high degree of flexibility. The brand can thus adapt to its environment and the situation instead of the other way round. Clear recognisability meets maximum creative freedom. This is well demonstrated in the design language with the so-called shapes, which as logo shapes in the brand colours ensure a high degree of recognisability, and as content shapes, just like the headline bars and other additional elements, are oriented towards the image motif in terms of colour.




Brand development and CI

Development of secondary brand element

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"Tourism sells real dreams in
an increasingly digital world. An
extreme challenge for brands: they have to convince and inspire them quickly and attention-grabbing
across all media.
The revamped DERTOUR brand meets these requirements."

German Design Council

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