Fibre optics with a home advantage

A brand image that gets to the heart of the matter.

A corporate vision becomes a brand

Goetel has a vision: "At home in Lower Saxony and Hesse for over 20 years, we want to make our contribution to digital equal opportunities as a driver of innovation so that everyone can continue to live and work in their home region in the future." So far, however, this has not been reflected in the brand communication.

We were allowed to take on this task.

This is goetel

It all started with the brand story, which translated the vision into concrete images and emotions and directly determined the new claim as well as the super symbol and the new logo.

The loop

The super sign puts those at the centre of the brand identity: the people of the region. It shows what it's all about: connection. And it shows who is speaking, because it comes from the new logo lettering.

The logo

Here, too, connection is the central theme: the previously separate vowels o and e are merged, taking away much of the technical sobriety of the brand name and conveying emotionality and closeness with a sympathetic "wink".

The claim

Connected. With the home. At home. Fibre optics is the technology of the future. And the connection is still sluggish, especially in rural areas. It's not just about faster Internet. It's about equal opportunities. It's about economic growth. Better education. It's about maintaining the value of your own property. It's about living where you want to live. Because you are connected to your home. And still being able to do everything you want. Because your home is perfectly connected. Goetel specialises in connecting rural areas with future-proof fibre optics. This turns even small villages into gigabit centres. Future infrastructure creates future opportunities, not only in the metropolises.

The colours

The traditional Goetel blue, which conveys reliability and tradition - both of which are important when deciding on a fibre optic partner - remains and is complemented by bright, cheerful colours with a gradient. Movement, passion, many possibilities, always new and individual.

The image motifs

Connecting people from home - always natural and optimistic, always close to home and always connected to fibre optics. But it doesn't always have to be the classic sofa/desk motifs - after all, the Internet accompanies us to many places and many, even unusual, workplaces.

The size of the loop depends on the image motif and format. It always ends in the bottom right-hand corner and forms the background for the logo. Its gradient is made up of two colours and always starts with yellow. The headline explains for whom fibre optics is important and will soon be available. The future can come!




Brand development

Brand presence

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The brand story

Home. That sounds kind of old-fashioned.
Yet it is the place where life takes place and the future is created.
We feel extremely connected to our home. To the people, their wishes and dreams, goals and ideas.
They are all close to home. They have stayed or come here to live and work. The way they want to.
That is exactly what drives us. We enable people to live the way they want. Where they want and how they want.
We create a strong connection.
Between people.
To the world out there with all its knowledge, education and entertainment.
To the future.

Those who are not connected are quickly left behind.
We provide this connection. For people and what drives them.


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