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With the relaunch of the Unitymedia BrandNet, evoq has created a new brand platform for the telecommunications company that encourages agencies and employees - even outside of marketing and communications - to engage with the brand and move it forward together.

A new online brand platform for Unitymedia

The new corporate identity launched in 2017 set new standards for the Unitymedia brand. More flexibility. More relevance. More fun. A claim that agencies and employees should internalise and implement at the various touch points.

Smart tool for agencies and employees

For this purpose, evoq realised the intelligent brand platform BrandNet. It facilitates interactive, efficient work and at the same time inspires a creative approach to the brand. All brand assets such as positioning, guidelines as well as content and design elements can be downloaded directly. However, the real added value of the platform lies in the customisable cockpit, the numerous multimedia examples and explanatory films.

Tailored to the needs of brand users

In order to ensure a consistent brand presence despite the new freedoms, various working tools are also made available on the platform. From the briefing template to target group segmentation and image concepts to the quick brand check, everything is directly accessible in one place. In addition, there is ongoing CI support, which assists agencies in particular with conceptual and design issues. A support team set up specifically for this purpose provides feedback within 24 hours and is on hand to offer help and advice.

Taking the brand forward together

BrandNet heralds a new chapter at Unitymedia. Everything related to the brand is now united on a central platform and encourages people to engage with the brand. This means not only more efficiency, but also more fun working with the brand again. The best prerequisites for moving Unitymedia forward together.




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