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Book project

More space for Swiss cultural assets

The book project realised by evoq documents the development of the Affoltern Collection Centre, which, as part of the Swiss National Museum, houses important cultural assets.

The book on the collection centre in Affoltern am Albis

The Affoltern Collection Centre represents the realization of a vision, bringing together various collections of the Swiss National Museum, conservation and restoration studios, conservation research laboratory, object logistics, lending, object registration, and the photo studio, all housed under one roof.

National defence reinterpreted

The Collection Centre is a special place, because here a Swiss Army armoury has been given a new purpose. The former military facility offers sufficient space for laboratories, workshops and the conservators' studios. The building project is thus groundbreaking in many facets for the handling of existing building fabric and its reinterpretation - true to the motto "from national defence to the preservation of cultural identity". The architecture by Stücheli Architekten impressively takes up the themes of defence and traces of time with an iconic materialisation.

A book project in all national languages

The development from an armoury to a collection centre is documented in a 50-page book, which evoq conceived, designed and realised together with the copywriter Patrizia Villiger. Expressive, generous images by Michael Lio bring the striking architecture to the forefront and juxtapose it with the cultural-historical purpose of the centre. The book is thus a documentation of an impressive building project, but at the same time brings a piece of Swiss cultural history to the forefront.


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