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CI management for DER Touristik

As the brand agency of the DER Touristik Group, we not only take care of the further development of all travel brands, but also of stringent brand management. This is a demanding task, as more than 10,000 employees, agencies, travel agencies and service providers in 14 countries work with the corporate identity (CI) of DER Touristik. In addition to the group brand, which DER Touristik uses for corporate communications, there are three sales brands. They are based on the umbrella brand, but interpret it independently. In addition, there are tour operator brands, which are linked to the umbrella brand to varying degrees and have their own CI.

In a first step, we have restructured the growing number of CI guidelines and combined them into one document each for sales and corporate communication. We have thus reduced 15 documents to two. This makes it much easier to keep track of everything and minimises the risk of outdated versions being in circulation.

The CI Net - a web-based portal - provides daily access to all brand information. There you can find the latest version of the guidelines, all relevant downloads and all other CI information.

Users can have the projects that were created on the basis of the CI Guidelines checked for CI conformity by evoq's CI Support via the Approval Tool. This tool is a web-based process management application. In accordance with our service agreement, we ensure feedback within 24 hours.

By means of the CI hotline, we guarantee direct and immediate accessibility of the CI support during the customer's normal business hours. With the current CI Net data, which is always at hand, as well as advice on implementation, we can guarantee stringent brand management even in decentralised application.

The brand work is supplemented by internal communicative measures on an ad hoc basis. On the one hand with the CI newsletter for all DER employees, on the other hand with brand repositioning. As most recently with DERTour through a brand book, which explains the brand to all users, charges them emotionally and makes them "Team Red" - because brands live through the people who experience them.




Restructuring and continuous updates of the CI guidelines and the CI network

Support for brand users

Internal brand communication


Corporate Design

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