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Comprehensive, accurate and dynamic: SBB Trafimage represents the most comprehensive map series of public transport in Switzerland and also maps the European rail networks.

Trafimage - the most comprehensive map series of public transport

In recent years, the Trafimage map system has not only been expanded, but also technically and visually adapted to the needs of rail passengers. evoq is responsible for the design and production of digital and analogue maps for SBB and its partners, and together with partner geOps (technical development and IT systems) is responsible for the further development and marketing of the entire Trafimage system.

On- and offline maps for Switzerland and Europe

Every year, SBB publishes over 300 maps in the Trafimage system. This includes both traditional analogue maps, as found at stations and on trains, and interactive digital maps, which can be found on the portal. Trafimage maps cover not only Switzerland, but also almost all of Europe. The system offers continuous scales, from the tram stop in the neighbourhood to the generalised international rail network. Trafimage maps are characterised by high design quality, ease of use and a focus on public transport.

For SBB and its partners

Trafimage is intended as a comprehensive information system for Swiss public transport. As the system leader, SBB sets the framework for the design and content standards according to which its maps and those of its partners are implemented.

In addition to the railways, bus, tram and boat lines as well as mountain railways are also included. The Trafimage system is open to all transport providers and is actively used in particular by other public transport companies: e.g. Appenzeller Bahnen, BLS, or Swiss Travel System.

Map design with added value

Trafimage maps combine data from Open-Street-Map with those from the timetable and other SBB databases. We use the latest technologies (vector tiles) and editing tools that enable rapid adaptation of map content. The interactive maps can be integrated into any website via API interfaces(e.g. SBB station shopping map). Trafimage maps comply with accessibility principles. They are also optimised for mobile devices.




Card design

Development of GIS databases and editor tools

Generalisation Scales

Print card production

Graphic line network plans

Production of web cards


Graphic situation plans

Project management

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