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Consistent design for the public transport interface: thanks to evoq's route network maps, all travellers can find their connections.

Visualise public transport networks

evoq's route network maps provide customers with a systematic and easy-to-understand view of public transport networks. The systematic visualisations can be used to graphically represent entire transport networks, fare associations or zones. The plans reflect our profound knowledge of Swiss public transport. In addition to SBB, other transport companies such as BLS or Appenzeller Bahnen are among the customers of our plans.

Conformity of information

The design of route network plans follows a highly systematic approach. Our plans are based on the specifications of the Alliance SwissPass industry organisation. These stipulate a consistent design of graphic elements and labelling throughout Switzerland to ensure consistency of information in public transport throughout the country. In addition, the plans take into account the requirement for equality for disabled persons.


Cartographic correctness is not the primary concern with line network plans. Nevertheless, we build our plans with GIS tools. All graphic objects are thus stored with attributes. This allows rule-based work in the files with efficient workflows for all updates.




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Graphic line network plans


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