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We love Swiss brands. That's why we have collected them all, located them and provided them with all the necessary information. The result is the Swiss Brand Landscape, the most comprehensive encyclopaedia for brands "made in Switzerland".

The most comprehensive overview of Swiss brands

What do you think of when you hear the term "Swiss brands"? Of the chocolate in your cupboard? Of a beautiful watch or a pocket knife? Or rather the countless SMEs, "hidden champions" and global market leaders that make up the backbone of the Swiss economy? No matter - what they all have in common is that they are relevant and well-known Swiss brands. And they are all united in the Swiss brand landscape.

A landscape for the brands

At the outset of the brand landscape, there was the initial concept of uniting the many Swiss brands in a visual representation - a landscape. evoq developed the brand landscape together with htp St.Gallen. The online portal is probably the most comprehensive overview of brands with Swiss origins. A total of 1,000 well-known brands are located on the map. From the oldest food brand, the Glarner Schabziger, to the "hidden champions" of the Swiss tech industry: all Swiss brands can be found in the brand landscape.

The encyclopaedia with all the details

The brand encyclopaedia provides valuable additional information on history and ownership. For example, you can find out that Toblerone is owned by Americans, or that the oldest brand in Switzerland is Glarner Schabziger. In addition, Markenlandschaft tracks changes and provides daily news. Exciting brand topics are regularly covered in the blog.

Print editions

Markenlandschaft also publishes other attractive printed media: the current excursion map brings together 100 exciting excursions to visitor centres and museums. The Swissness poster breaks down how much Switzerland is in Swiss brands. The publications are available in the Markenlandschaft shop.

The Brand Landscape is a non-profit project of evoq and htp St.Gallen.

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