Brand refresh

The love place for your subscription

With the aim of sharpening the positioning and visual appearance of alao, an effective brand refresh is created that focuses on simplicity and clarity.

A purposeful brand that creates added value

alao has firmly established itself as a broker and digital go-to-place for attractive mobile and internet subscriptions in the Swiss B2C market. The aim now is to clearly demonstrate to B2B customers the added value that alao provides for them as a competent partner, while at the same time driving growth on a broad basis among price-sensitive B2C customers.

Optimal price-performance for mobile and internet subscriptions is essential today. Finding the best deal can sometimes be overwhelming, time-consuming and frustrating.

The basic idea: simplicity

The basic idea of alao has always been simplicity. With the success of the company in recent years, the complexity of the brand identity has decreased. To be inexpensive, but not appear cheap. Conveying competence and yet remaining simple are the requirements for evoq. Together with alao, evoq is developing a new brand positioning, sharpening the associated advertising messages and updating the brand design system for consistent and efficient brand management.

Aligning the brand with customer needs

In the first step, joint workshops are held to gain in-depth insights into which unifying values exist among the current customer base and at the same time appeal to new customers. The central point is the customer need for transparency and comparability of prices. Trust should be built up during the entire online selection and comparison process of mobile offers. At the same time, the price must be convincing.

Making "The love place" tangible

Based on this insight, evoq develops a positioning and attitude that expresses the brand's goals: "alao - the love place that makes you happy". For customers, simplicity is central and the certainty of choosing a top offer from an expert is fun.

A feeling of reliability and competence

The renewed positioning is also the briefing for the design refresh. The new visual identity is designed to bridge the gap between loud and cheap-looking online retailers and the trustworthiness of established telecom brands, conveying ease of use across mainly digital touchpoints. The "smile element" from the logo taps into the emotional experience of the customer. The re-regulated use of existing design elements and brand colours guarantees recognition for the B2C customer base and conveys a sense of reliability and competence for the B2B clientele, which is growing in importance.

Activating the brand

How the brand feels and looks to the different target groups is conveyed by the newly developed Brand Design Guidelines. The guidelines are accompanied by a customised "messaging toolbox". These tools provide inspiration for current and future communication and marketing activities and help alao to communicate in a higher quality and, above all, more effectively in a rapidly changing market.




Brand positioning


Brand design guidelines

Brand design system

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"With evoq, we have a competent partner at our side who gets to the heart of our vision and gives us the tools we need to strengthen our brand image in the long term"

Walter Salchli, CEO of alao

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