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From Zero to Local Hero

helloFiber builds fibre-optic networks in rural communities not previously served by high-speed internet. A business model that only works if about 1/3 of the households decide in favour of the connection and one of the offered internet and telephony products - and that within a very limited period of time. It was therefore necessary to explain the advantages of the new technology very quickly and to create demand, but also to create trust in the previously unknown brand.

The task

A new brand, a difficult market, a very special challenge: helloFiber distributes fibre-optic internet connections in rural communities that have not yet been supplied with high-speed internet. This requires massive investments in the construction of the fibre optic network. For this to be feasible, about one third of the households must be convinced to sign a contract within a certain period of time. So the brand has to build trust in a few months, explain the technology and create demand for a product that customers will not receive for several months or even years.

Light as a central theme

The focus is on the core benefit: Internet (almost) at light speed.
The light-points in the presentation and the semi-transparent super sign embody this theme. However, it's not primarily about technical aspects but rather about light, joy, and connection that bring the perfect touch to people's lives. Cheerful pastel colors, a clean and spacious design, and imagery that conveys joy and surprise all contribute to creating a distinctly positive atmosphere.

Perfectly connected

From the explanation of the technical advantages to the immediate product benefits through lightning-fast surfing and gaming to the emotional benefits - the perfect connection with other people - the appearance makes the advantages of the new internet tangible on all levels.

helloFiber says hello

At the same time, the brand always appears friendly and accessible. From the bright colours and the light-flooded appearance to the "you" address, helloFiber shows itself as an accessible supporter for a perfectly connected life.
The brand name helloFiber underlines the communicative aspects of fibre optic technology and the friendly, open
attitude of the brand personality. The Bloom as part of the logo demonstrates the company's telecommunications expertise.

Bloom as a mark of origin

The "Bloom", used on its own as an unmistakable design element, is the established brand of a worldwide
market leader for telecommunications products, one of the parent companies of helloFiber, and thus a sign of origin and proof of competence. The bright yellow of Bloom creates warmth - fitting for a product that connects people with their friends and family.

Seal of confidence

The "100% glass fibre" seal once again proves the quality claim: it is about real glass fibre over the entire distance, i.e. fibre to the home. Speed of light even on the so-called "last mile".

Communication in three phases

Communication in the target areas takes place in three phases.
Phase 1 focuses on creating brand awareness and building trust.
Fibre is presented as a technology that provides perfect connections between people. The mood is relaxed and happy - it just works.
Phase 2 demonstrates the benefits of fibre through use cases that show how fibre makes life easier, more enjoyable, more exciting, more fun.... simply better. Brand-typical illustrations explain the product and the technology without overloading the reader.
The third phase is about convincing those who are still undecided. Emotional images are deliberately avoided, the focus is on facts and the urgency to conclude now and to enable future-proof internet for oneself, but also for the entire community.




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