Branding and signage

Aging at home

The Herrenbergli old people's and care centre shines in new splendour with a fresh brand identity and coordinated signage.

A new brand for the retirement and nursing home

What can a brand do for a retirement and nursing home? - The answer is obvious. Just like architecture, branding creates identity for a place where people can spend their twilight years as carefree as possible.

It was a particular concern of the management that the sunny, warm atmosphere of the Herrenbergli should also be expressed in the brand identity. The main focus was on user-friendliness, readability and comprehensibility.

The Herrenbergli is situated on a hill above the Limmat valley. In recent years, it has been completely modernised and adapted to current standards. A special concern of the management was to express the sunny and warm atmosphere in the brand identity, both externally and internally.

The central brand promise

The basis of the brand is the positioning, which was developed together with the management team. The new claim "At home in old age" gets to the heart of the brand promise - here, elderly people can enjoy their retirement in peace. Because the Herrebergli does not want to be a "home", but a home.

A sunny brand

The elegant logo symbolises the special location of the house high above everyday life. The warm colour scheme is lively and yet radiates calm. The brand presence is brought to life via numerous touchpoints, from the letterheads to the vehicle signage. User-friendliness, readability and comprehensibility are the top priorities in all implementations.

Signage: orientation and identification

Signalling is of particular importance in a care facility. It is about creating identification in a functional environment. Above all, however, the orientation system must be adapted to the needs of elderly people and people with dementia. The signage in Herrenbergli was therefore developed in close cooperation with the care professionals on site. Wherever possible, signs are used instead of lettering. A family of pictograms specially adapted to the needs of the home provides orientation. All signage elements are in the brand colour orange-yellow and blend in perfectly with the existing architecture as easily recognisable splashes of colour.




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