Provide maximum orientation

At the SBB headquarters in Bern Wankdorf, evoq developed and implemented the signage that allows orientation in the modern working environment.

The signage for the new SBB working world

The recently occupied building on Trüsselstrasse in Bern Wankdorf represents a further stage in the expansion of the SBB headquarters. evoq designed and planned the signage of the 11-storey building in detail and supported its realisation.

In spring 2020, numerous SBB employees were able to move into the "Byte", the new extension of the SBB headquarters in Bern Wankdorf. The new building offers space for hundreds of employees. It has contemporary open structures that meet the growing demand for coworking spaces and future working environments.

One system for the signage of all SBB office buildings

evoq was responsible for planning and designing the entire signage on all eleven floors. The aim was to integrate the signage elements seamlessly into the open architecture of the building. This has a strong functional character, it is about finding the directions to the important places (meeting rooms, focus rooms, but also toilets or restaurant). The building has few external visitors, but employees from other SBB locations are often guests. Therefore, the signage is designed for maximum recognisability across all SBB office buildings. A minimum of signs and panels should provide maximum orientation, so that even those unfamiliar with the area can find their way around.

Down to the last sign

The planning included the sensible zoning of the building and the evaluation of the individual locations of all signs in the different room situations. Finally, the concrete contents of over 600 individual signs and overview boards had to be defined. After checking the plans in the shell, all elements were prepared for production. The assembly took place in close cooperation with the producer.




Zoning of buildings


Overview plans and quantity structure

Production preparation

Graphic escape and rescue plans

Production coordination

Assembly concept

Quality control

Project management

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