Trafimage station plans

Orientation for thousands

SBB station maps have become an indispensable part of Swiss public transport. They not only provide essential travel information, but are also part of SBB's brand presence at all major transport hubs.

A nationwide information system

Trafimage station maps guide thousands of customers through the stations every day. They are present on the entire SBB route network, and with their iconic design belong to the station like the Hilfiker clock. But they are also available online and provide an overview of all offers for travellers. The content is centrally maintained in a database, which allows for output in both online and print media.

Online, interactive and cross-media

Trafimage station maps present essential travel information for all important SBB stations in an easy-to-understand graphic language. This is not only available as a poster at the station, but also in an interactive online version. Via the web application, travellers can search for all offers at the stations on mobile devices as well as on their PC. All offers are geo-referenced in a central database and are regularly maintained and managed. The CAD data of the station is used as a basis. evoq works closely with the Trafimage partner

Print posters at over 100 stations

Special interfaces allow data exports for print production, because printed station maps are still an essential information medium at over 100 railway stations. There are different formats in two- or three-dimensional representation, with different focus on public transport or on the shopping world.

INSA - all station offers in one platform

The INSA platform developed by our Trafimage partner geOps contains all offers at over 600 SBB stations. INSA allows central maintenance of the data for all online and offline applications, the location of all offers with geo-coordinates, as well as the central management of logos, opening hours and other attributes. The data is imported directly onto the SBB website.

Updates via shared workspace

Each station map is reviewed annually and updated if necessary. The maintenance processes are handled via a specially developed editorial system, the Trafimage Workspace, in which all local contact persons are reached. Regional and local characteristics are recorded and presented according to a binding and uniform system.

One system for all public transport

Trafimage products are part of the brand identity of SBB and, beyond that, of public transport in Switzerland. Trafimage products can be used by third parties. Adaptations are possible within the scope of SBB's copyright.




Production of railway station plans

Production of railway replacement plans

Various special formats and editions

Development of interactive railway station maps

Ongoing maintenance of all products

Process management

Support for editorial system with ticketing

3D situation plans


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