Sozialwerk Pfarrer Sieber

Winter campaign 2020

When life goes awry

Corona has the country firmly in its grip. Everyone is affected, no one can escape from this threatening situation. Not even holidays in the Maldives are possible. This life, which suddenly finds itself in disarray, is taken up by evoq in the multi-award-winning winter campaign in favour of the Sozialwerks Sieber.

Cross-media fundraising campaign for Sozialwerk Pfarrer Sieber

2020 is a special year for many of us. The Corona crisis has affected almost everyone in one way or another. However, Covid has also brought some people to the poverty line - also in our country. The Sozialwerk Pfarrer Sieber in particular is feeling the effects of this.

Exclusion in the time of Corona

evoq has dedicated this year's winter campaign of the Sozialwerk in favour of disadvantaged people specifically to this circumstance. "When life goes awry" portrays the fates of people affected by Corona who have had the ground pulled out from under their feet. The virus leads to additional exclusion and isolation of those affected and definitely upsets their already fragile situation.

A visualisation that attracts attention in all media

This situation is visualised with pictures from the city, where the horizon, the houses and the streets are tilted and the world around us is threatening to collapse. The fundraising campaign is supported by an attention-grabbing mailing with a slanted address window and additionally with a slanted scatter shot. Other measures include advertisements in carefully selected media and a series of social media-ready video clips showing an eye-catching tilt-and-turn effect.

Tilted elements also on the web

The campaign landing page with the corresponding donation page was also created by evoq, including programming. A special challenge are the tilted elements, which are all mobile phone-compatible, Google-optimised and thus search engine-compatible.


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