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Campaign with world record seesaw

With the world's largest seesaw in the middle of Zurich, Swissmem opens its voting campaign for a balanced AHV. evoq realised the campaign from the idea to the event.

Promote balanced social security with the world's largest seesaw

The world's largest "Gigampfi" (see-saw) was set up on Zurich's Turbinenplatz. With this action, Swissmem, the umbrella organisation of the Swiss machinery and electronics industry, opened the voting campaign in favour of a balanced old-age and survivors' insurance (AHV). The oversized seesaw symbolises the enormous challenge of keeping social insurance in balance in the future. evoq developed, planned and implemented the political campaign with the world record.

Apprentices from the tech industry as multipliers

In addition to political VIPs, 200 apprentices from various companies in the Swiss tech industry also travelled to the event and took the opportunity to test the seesaw in detail. They are also the ones who will benefit from a balanced AHV in the future if their pension provision is secured at the ballot box. The seesaw offered space for three people on each side. The aim of the seesaw participants was to balance the seesaw by shifting their weight and to move the big arrow in the middle into the green "yes" area.

New world record: the longest seesaw in the world

The 30.42-metre-long construction was realised in collaboration with Nüssli, who are known for temporary and special constructions. For the seesaw, recyclable materials were used almost exclusively. The Nüssli employees were actively supported by the apprentices present during the construction. After a little more than an hour, the first brave ones - secured with climbing harnesses - were able to put the Gigampfi into operation. The largest seesaw to date came from the USA and had a total length of around 25 metres. The seesaw from Swissmem and evoq surpasses this record by more than 5 metres!

Concept, planning and implementation by evoq

Banners, beach flags, flyers and lanyards were created for the event. At the event, videos were created with statements from those present for posting on social media, and the realisation of the world record was captured in moving images.




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