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The Experience of being sure

With a sharpened brand positioning and a colourful brand appearance, the inspection specialist WILCO shines in a new light. The strong brand colours give the brand a self-confident and modern appearance.

A new brand identity for WILCO

Just in time for its 50th anniversary, WILCO presents itself with a new brand identity that does justice to the company as an innovative, service-oriented solution provider of leading inspection systems for the pharmaceutical, life sciences, diagnostics, and packaging industries. The corporate design was also developed on the basis of the sharpened brand positioning and the brand essence was made tangible across all touchpoints.

After an intensive analysis phase with internal and external stakeholders, WILCO's brand positioning was sharpened, vision and mission formulated and five brand values defined. The claim "Being sure" gets to the heart of the brand and positions the company as a solution provider that focuses on people and their safety.

A corporate design fit for the future

The forward-looking positioning is also reflected in the new brand identity. In an intensive creative process, a flexible design system was created that can be applied to all touchpoints and enables a consistent brand experience, both online and offline.

The logo with the self-confident lettering and the new figurative mark unites the two extremes of the brand: technology, innovation, process reliability with passion, responsibility, and enthusiasm. A contrast that arouses emotions and makes the complex world of inspection technologies approachable.

Closer to people, closer to customers

WILCO develops solutions for people. They are therefore increasingly at the centre of the image world. Warm accents are placed on the high-contrast, bright colour mood, making the tension between technology and people perceptible here as well.

The strong brand colours give the brand a self-confident and modern appearance and, in combination with the secondary design elements - the flow cubes - bring a dynamic consistency to the appearance that is always new, always exciting.

Experience WILCO as a brand from A to Z

The result is a consistent brand experience across all touchpoints, which attracts a great deal of attention and approval, from the business card to the website, which was also implemented by evoq, as well as all qualification documentation and the 100m2 trade fair stand.

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