Brand positioning and corporate design

New look for the long-haul travel specialist

Relaunch of a traditional brand

New look for the long-haul travel specialist

A valuable brand had aged, and its appearance no longer matched the product. We modernized and infused emotion into the brand - now, the excitement for the long journey begins with the very first encounter.

MEIERS WELTREISEN is "The specialist for everything far away".

The competence, experience and personal touch of the travel provider and its offers are highly appreciated by customers, who speak of a "Meiers feeling". However, with high brand awareness and popularity, the appearance was increasingly judged to be "old-fashioned". evoq therefore had the task of modernising and emotionalising a successful brand.

The logo was given a subtle makeover and now looks much fresher without losing its recognition value. A large "M" was added to the logo as a monogram and secondary design element. It ensures quick recognition on all advertising material and makes the appearance unmistakable.

The traditional Meiers blue was retained and complemented by six modern secondary colours. The visual language was completely redesigned. On catalogue titles and in advertising motifs, detailed motifs are used that can only be seen when you are there yourself. The viewer sees the world from the perspective of the attentive traveller. The visual language is complemented by unusual environmental motifs that go beyond postcard idylls. With the concrete sales offer, on the other hand, the visual language becomes very concrete.




Development of brand positioning

Redesign logo

Development of secondary design element

Corporate Design

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Catalogue concept

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