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The universe is a big place, perhaps the biggest.

evoq is developing a new beverage line with a uniquely opulent packaging design for an irrepressible attitude to life.

Brand development and packaging design for a new beverage line

Love is shared egoism. Greatness is opulence. Such absurd yet intelligent quotes form the heart of Moonspring. A new refreshing drink for adults from the house of Trivarga that deliberately breaks new ground and designs a world all on its own. Only the best. Life is too short for anything else.

With Moonspring, Trivarga Inc. created a new line of refreshing drinks that owe their intense and long-lasting taste to natural essences. Similar to the production of perfume, only the most aromatic ingredients are extracted from hemp, coffee, hops, strawberries, tea and rooibos. No additives. No calories. Just water and a few drops of concentrated nature.

A brand universe without borders

Together with the client, the basis for a new brand universe for Moonspring was developed in several workshops. The aim was to create something completely unique. A world that challenges the intellect of its customers. Deliberately controversial, absurd and yet grounded. A cosmos that is composed of the experiences and mood images of internalised emotions and that presents itself to you in a completely self-confident way, over and over again.

A kaleidoscope of reality

With its own linguistic style, a subtly distanced humour, always different but never predictable, Moonspring can be experienced by its customers in every word. The product names for the five flavours Midnightrebel, Cloudbuster, Sunsmuggler, Heartbreaker and Daydreamer, developed with evoq, are inspiring terms that immerse you in Moonspring's attitude to life just by reading them.

Each packaging is the hero of its own world

And the design, too, lives up to the positioning to the fullest and does credit to the five names. With opulent and multi-layered design, each of the five flavours tells its own story on the pearl-coloured bottles. Dragons, deep-sea creatures, rings, bees, cherries, rabbits, butterflies. All in wild harmony that always lets you discover something new.

If you don't look at the POS, you weren't there.

Despite the different stories, a kinship between the drinks is clearly perceptible. And at the latest since the five "rebels" are on the shelves at Spar, among other places, it is clear as day: Moonspring is not only a world of its own in terms of taste, but also visually.




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