Sozialwerk Pfarrer Sieber

Winter campaign 2022

People can break in times of hardship

Ukraine war, Corona pandemic, climate change and now an energy emergency. These crises preoccupy us all and make us aware that familiar security can be lost unexpectedly. The SWS winter campaign from evoq focuses on what the omnipresent hardship does to people on the fringe of society.

Cross-media fundraising campaign for the Sozialwerk Pfarrer Sieber

The various crises that pose a new threat to many among us are usually a long and sad reality for marginalised people. The winter campaign of the Sozialwerk Pfarrer Sieber (SWS) focuses on people whose lives have fallen apart.

A face breaks

At the centre of the campaign is the face of a man who is in danger of breaking completely. In the digital implementation, the fractures are created as an animation and thus explicitly call on potential donors to help and stop the progressive disintegration. The Sozialwerk Pfarrer Sieber supports people in physical, psychological, material or social need and repairs broken things. To do this, SWS urgently needs financial support from donors.

Authentic life stories of those affected

In their life stories, Daniel and Kieran tell how quickly a life can fall apart. Courageously and unembellished, they describe their experiences with drugs, party crashes, broken partnerships and the slippery slope Daniel got on. Both end up homeless on the streets, their existence shattered into a thousand pieces. In the Pfuusbus - an SWS emergency sleeping facility - they meet people who listen to them and help them. In the SWS facilities Brothuuse and Urdörfli, both find their footing in life again. For Daniel, it is a place where he is allowed to be at home for the first time. For Kieran it becomes an important step out of drugs.

The touching life stories are told in social media, on the landing page, in mailings and a scatter shot. The campaign is complemented with animated online banners, ads and inserts in magazines and newspapers.


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