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A brand in tune with the times

Innovative, dynamic, fresh - but above all a little different from the others. This is how Tellco presents itself. A very unique world of banking and pension solutions that knows no boundaries. That is why the new brand identity lives by the same credo as Tellco itself: There's no such thing as can't.

Comprehensive further development of the corporate design for the pension and finance specialist

The specialist for pension provision and assets sets high standards for its solutions. Flexible. Individual. Innovative. A claim that the corporate design should also meet. Because if you want to be progressive, you also have to remain agile in your appearance.

Tailored to the needs of a dynamic brand

In an intensive creative process, we worked closely with the client to develop a modern, independent overall image that allows enough freedom for different needs, applications and touchpoints - both online and offline.

This claim is also at the centre of the new image world. Real, everyday objects as building blocks of unlimited possibilities. Combined with the fresh, bright colours, the result is an unmistakable appearance that speaks from the heart of the company and the Tellco brand.

A functional information portal

In addition to all sales documents and publications, the website was also redesigned in the course of the brand refresh and allows visitors to immerse themselves in the brand world. In addition to a better overview and simpler user guidance, the website also offers a variety of functionalities that make it easier to find information.

An information portal that appeals to corporate and private customers alike and offers a simple, direct user experience while simplifying background management. This includes, among other things, current market figures for the investment funds, an automated download centre and a multi-level contact form.




Brand structure

Corporate design development

Campaign concept

Display Ads



Sales promotion

Marketing documents

CD Manual

Exhibition stand

Design and image concept


Web concept

Screen design

Programming website in TYPO3

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The logo was modernised and Tell as an icon became much more concise and recognisable. The introduction of new secondary colours as fresh accents to the earthy Tellco grey ensure a consistent and contemporary look and allows the brand to communicate in different volumes depending on the target group.

A brand experience that never gets boring.

A creative set of brand assets that inspire different thinking without losing sight of the core of the Tellco brand. This creates numerous stories that allow the brand to be experienced anew time and again. Surprise.

This means not only more flexibility and more possibilities, but above all more fun when working with the brand. The results are unique implementations that attract a lot of attention and sympathy.

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